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My car needed a fan clutch and thermostate replacement. My radiator and fan clutch were replaced and immediately after the radiator replacement the car began o drive as if in overdrive when first started.

The mechanic, Michael, indicated that it was due to a bad fan clutch. That was replaced under warranty repair. The problem persisted and another mechanic (over an hour late for both pf his appointments) Anthony come out and look at the car. He indicated that the problem was due to the fan clutch being an aftermarket part.

The warranty department ordered me a new OEM part and Anthony did the replacement. Between the first "repair" and this I had to rent a car to get home, had customer service call to tell me i was being charged more than quoted had approximately 4 mangled appointments due to customer service and had no empathy or help regarding my situation. In Anthonys presence the car had trouble idling down. He acted confused and said he didn’t know why it would do that, he gunned the engine and declared the problem “fixed.

The OEM part was over 200 more than the original.

Since his Anthony's repair, the car is still driving as if in overdrive when it first starts up although not as long as it did initially before the last repair. The issue is that NONE OF THIS WAS EVER HAPPENING prior to the car being fixed by Mike in the beginning. the issues I have with this company start in November 2019 and persist and I have quite the extensive file on this. I just want my car to work as it did before your mechanics touched it.

Prior to their “fixing it” my car, started and idled fine and now it does not.

I am a woman and, granted, I don’t know a lot about cars, but I am sick and tired of your mechanic trying to convince me that the car working incorrectly and different than it has in the years that I have owned it is normal and that everything is fine! It is NOT fine and I want my car fixed and running properly!!!!

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