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This review is also for YM in general because I have a car that I've paid $70 twice to get analyzed and fixed and it STILL Isn't running. It is true Both times I left good reviews for James and the opther mechanic for these "services" because I did so right after they left and aqt that time I trusted their advice was correct and they werew courteous and professional while at my home.

So I left reviews confident in their assessments and performed the parts changes myself, which each time cost me an additional $130 for the part, NEITHER of which made my car run like they said it would. So my last 2 YM experience is that I spent $400 through YM and buying parts based on their mechanics' advices and my car STILL DOESN"T START! So I am revising my once glowing opinion and review of YM and this mechanic. ast time James told me where the other mechanic screwed up: he didn't perform the basic tests that come first, checking that it is getting gas and is getting fire to the spark plugs and James said in fact that it is not getting fire something I can't check myself because I live alone and in fact something which James required my assistance checking) James did that and said the control module was bad and he had to leave for the next appointment if I wanted to put the part in myself.

Then he gave me his personal phone# SUPOSEDL:Y, and advised me not to call YM, but to call him directly if I had any more problems getting it running. So I bought the part and installed it, it still will not start and I called and emailed James personally, as he advised me to,. In the messages i asked him to get in contact with me that I needed him to come back. But that was like a month ago He's NEVER answered my email or call and my car still is not running $400 later.

But that is not all, so I got to thinking about the colossal waste of my money when I am mostly unemployed and mostly broke and decided to contact YM and complain.

So I did that and a YM rep responded in a totally inappropriate way in that she cherry picked something that wasn't an issue out of my correspondence and responded to it instead of my complaint! So then in my reply, I pointed out what she did and demanded a $140 refund and have not gotten any response to my follow up reply in 2 weeks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yourmechanic Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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