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I found this after disputing with them via BBB. They refused to refund me money.

Here is the last message below I sent to them via BBB. In overall, they kept sending me email to make another appointment while asking for $80... What a scammer! They know better that it is best to refund me money since mechanic man lied to me.

I told you that mechanic man told me that he could not know what to do after he replaced two parts and the car was still not starting.

The point I am complaining is that he lied at first place. At first visit, he said it would be running if he replaced two parts. He showed me the estimated cost ($292). So I approved it and he came back the next day and replaced two parts.

I asked him if he finished. He said yes. So then I went into the car to start the car. It wasn't running.

It was an incredible that he did not say anything until I asked him some questions after I tried to start the car.

I then asked him what was going on. I said you said it would run. He SAID he knew what he told me yesterday and then said he did not know what to do. He said he knew but did not know what to do.

So then why didnt he stay and fix it? I think he is not a real mechanic man. He is probably a scammer! That leads me think YourMechanic is a scammer too.

I dont trust your next appointment cause he already said he didnt know what to do! so why do we need next appointment? You need more money, huh? even he did not know what to do.

What a joke! All I asked is for $292 money back. Otherwise, I may have to warn everyone at websites to do not use Doug or YourMechanic in this area so I do not want them to get scam by him or YourMechanic. Again, i said HE said it would be running if he replaced parts.

If he did not say that, I would probably not approve the work. Therefore, I may have to prevent people from getting scammed by warning people to do not use YourMechanic since we do not know what to believe them or not. Please STOP STOP sending me repeated email messages to make an appointment. I DO NOT WANT you anymore since it is not worth as I said the guy said he did not know what to do and could not figure out and he said it was possible due to engine.

I was shocked. What a joke! I felt like he knew that but wanted money by saying replacing two parts and it would be running. I felt for his saying that.

If he said the problem was engine, then he could keep $70 (for inspection) and not tell me that he needed to replace two parts! It would save me $292!

Please send me a refund of $292 as soon as possible by next Friday, September 21, 2018. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yourmechanic Part Replacement.

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