Long Beach, Washington
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What's the point of a pre-purchase inspection if the mechanic they sent is going to overlook many important items? The mechanic missed the following: Inoperative window lift.

Rips and tears in a leather seat. Liftgate struts failed. Liftgate handle out of alignment. Liftgate window won't open.

Leaking transmission output shaft. 3rd-row seat jammed in position. And the worst: Rear bumper out of alignment together with trailer hitch misaligned and missing 2 of the 4 attach bolts on both sides. All of these items were easy to see, especially considering that the assigned mechanic took an hour to do his job.

What was he doing all that time? I based my purchase of the vehicle based on his clean report. What a mistake. YourMechanic refused to refund my payment because my claim was submitted after 30 days.

It took me that long just to secure delivery of the vehicle and then I submitted my complaint to them within 7 days. They were intractable regarding their refund time limit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yourmechanic Vehicle Inspection.

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