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they lie and are very expensive. booked them to fix steering pump 2/1/2019.

went fine so i booked them 5/22/2019 for an alternator replacement. afterwards he gave me a list of things that needed to be replaced immediately on my car and it included a new steering pump. I told him it was already new and was done by them. when he left, i tried to drive the car and the steering wheel would not turn (which was turning fine before his work) I texted him and asked why and he blamed the pump.

i made a warranty claim then I called yourmechanic to complain. I was told that someone could come inspect the car to see if it is the pump, but if the pump is not the problem, then I'd have to pay them $84 for the cost of the inspection. I had to explain to them SEVERAL times that a mechanic from YOUR services said it was the pump. so if its not, i shouldn't have to pay.

I'm not a mechanic and i didn't get this from someone else. i was told by your service it was the pump. finally, i get someone (LUIS) on the phone who understood and scheduled an inspection. he also said the mechanic is going to bring a steering pump with him in case that is the problem so he can replace it same day.

5/23/2019 (today) the guy inspects it, says its the pump and told me to book an appointment to have it replaced. i explained that LUIS from the warranty department assured me that you would bring one in case you needed to repair. he said he didnt have one and it needed to be ordered. That whole ordeal causes me to miss a trip/gathering that i was prepared to DRIVE to on Saturday bc they can't come fix it until Sunday!

It is not very good customer service.

I had to beg for a FREE inspection (which i deserved seeing that I have a warranty on the part that was defective and it was assured to be defective by an employee of theirs) and they couldn't even rectify the problem ASAP. I have to wait on them and not even be offered a percentage off of any future services to compensate for this awful experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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